The Burden of the Long Wait

Introduction As it were, this will be the first post made here in several months. The title of this particular discourse is both descriptive of this fact and of the thought I have in mind currently. This idea of waiting is not something that is looked on nicely by polite society in our current age. With that said, this seems to be an aspect missing from our modern world, the ability to wait. What does it mean to wait? What good does it do me to wait? I'm not sure but what I do know is that there is value in waiting.
(Picture retrieved from The Will to Wait Waiting seems to be that thing no one has the will to do. So, having lost this overall positive disposition towards waiting, what has that done to the general psyche of the common man? Well, in short, it has nearly eliminated our ability to cope with drastically boring periods in life or those periods where nothing seems to be happening. For example, currently, I ha…

My Novus Christus Victor View of the Atonement of Christ

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You are about to embark on a theological journey with me. Let me first explain my general purpose for writing a theological treatise, as opposed to, my normal kind of writing. As of late, I have been studying the Atonement of Christ, which falls under Christology (the study of Christ). What I have found is that the views that have been held throughout time, some more recently, seem to be missing something or do not give a fully developed rendition of the Atonement. It should be stated I do not believe that I can develop a fully adequate idea of what the Atonement was or is or should be. Rather, my goal is to give a view that I believe does more justice to Christology than its predecessors. The general movement throughout this discourse will be to first, lay out a couple of the views that have been or are currently held. Secondly, to present the weakness (not all) of these views. Lastly, lead into my view. Also, I should state that this is not so…

Does Dark Matter and the Structure of the Universe Show God's Hand?